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Tips for trips in the area


Važecká cave (distance 17 km)

It is one of the most famous caves in northern Slovakia. Although in length it is one of the shorter caves accessible, it is known for the occurrence of rich droplet decoration, remarkable finds of cave bear bones, as well as rare cave fauna.

Belianska cave (distance 35 km)

It is the only accessible cave in the Tatras. It is one of the most visited accessible caves in Slovakia. In addition to bizarre rock shapes, it is known for its rich occurrence of calcite sinter filling. Although the interest in the natural sights of the cave has persisted for 125 years, the laws of its creation have not yet been fully clarified.

Demänovská Cave of Freedom (distance 55 km)

The National Natural Monument of the Demänovská cave on the northern side of the Low Tatras is the longest cave system in Slovakia. Its dominants include the Demänovská Cave of Freedom, which for many years has enchanted visitors with a rich sinter filling of various colors, the mysterious underground stream Demänovka and enchanting lakes. It is the most visited accessible cave in Slovakia.

Demänovská Ice Cave (distance 55 km)

It represents the northern part of the world-famous Demänovské Caves. It is remarkable for the occurrence of permanent ice filling, bizarre and massive shapes of underground spaces, rare cave fauna, as well as rich history.

Dobšinská Ice Cave (distance 60 km)

It is one of the most important ice caves in the world. It has been a World Natural Heritage Site since 2000. Due to the well-known alpine ice caves Eisriesenwelt and Dachstein-Rieseneishöhle in the Austrian Alps or the Romanian cave Scărişoara in the Bihor Mountains, the icy part of which is at an altitude of 1100 to 1120 m above sea level, the monumental glaciation of the Dobšinská Ice Cave of the Millennium persists at an altitude of only 920 to 950 m.

Vysoké Tatry

Nearby historical localities

Spiš Castle and surroundings (distance approx 50 km)

The World Heritage Site in Spiš represents a unique set of cultural and natural monuments. Spiš Castle, the Church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra and Spišská Kapitula have been a part of it since 1993. Set in a travertine landscape with protected areas of Dreveník and Siva Brada, they create unforgettable scenery. This medieval urban complex of the cultural landscape of Spiš is inseparably complemented by the old town of Levoča with the work of Master Pavel.

City of Kežmarok (distance 29 km)

Kežmarok is one of the most popular tourist towns in Spiš. And rightly so. After Levoča, it was the second most important town in Spiš. Today it is a jewel of monuments. Its wooden evangelical articular church from 1717 is unique, but the new evangelical church also arouses interest with its unusual oriental architecture, the work of the Danish architect Teofil Hanssen. In the neighborhood is the building of the former Evangelical Lyceum with a valuable library, where P. O. Hviezdoslav studied. Impressive is the complex around the Catholic church with the oldest Renaissance bell tower in Spiš and the buildings of the former town school. The church itself is a valuable architectural monument with late Gothic vaults, but the interior also contains many Gothic altars or statues. Kežmarok also includes a castle, built by the Zápoľský's and later used by the Thököly's family, in which there is an interesting museum.

Museum of the Liptov village in Pribylina (distance 39 km)

The Museum of the Liptov Village is an open-air museum located in Pribylina. It was established in 1991 in connection with the construction of the Liptovská Mara dam. The museum consists of houses from the flooded part of the waterworks and from the area of upper and lower Liptov. A zoo exposition has been created in the museum, where the breeding of domestic animals is presented. Attractions at the museum include Hucul horse breeding and horse riding.

Celtic site Havránok (distance 60 km)

It is located on the peak of Úložisko near the Liptovská Mara reservoir. A settlement from the Late Iron Age (300 - 100 BC) was found here. In the 11th to 15th centuries there was a Slavic wooden castle fortified with palisades. The dwellings, the sacrifices, the furnace and various objects have been partially reconstructed and form an open-air archeological museum. Furthermore, visitors can find reconstructions of Celtic buildings, a reconstructed Letna wall and gate, a medieval moat, a bridge, a paved courtyard and the basement of a wooden residential tower. This site was declared a national cultural monument in 1967.

Hike in the High Tatras

Hike in the High Tatras

The High Tatras are an area which, thanks to the most beautiful Slovak mountains, is the most attractive tourist destination with a natural offer. Thanks to its captivating nature, the High Tatras are sought after by domestic and foreign tourists and have also become a symbol of Slovakia. With its beauty, high peaks and beautiful tarns, it attracts thousands of tourists, climbers and skiers every year. In addition to the beautiful nature, the attraction for tourists is the cog railway, also called by the cog. The High Tatras enchanted many climbers and ski mountaineers. For those who wish to admire this beautiful area from the height of the mountains, but do not have the courage and experience to conquer them, a cable car to Lomnický štít has been built. In addition to the wonderful views, you can enjoy a night in the highest hotel in Europe. The High Tatras will enchant you and your visit in them will definitely not be the last. Enjoy wonderful walks around Štrbské pleso, or take the marked trails for an alpine hike. The High Tatras are simply a challenge for every tourist.

  • Zamkovského cottage (1475 m above sea level), Malá Studená valley
  • Téryho cottage (2015 m above sea level), Malá Studená valley
  • Zbojnícka cottage (1960 m above sea level), Veľká Studená valley
  • Siezsky House (1,670 m above sea level), Velická valley
  • Cottage underneath Rysy (2 250 m above sea level)
  • Cottage by the Green Lake (1 551 m above sea level), Valley of Zelené pleso
  • Rocky cottage (1 740 m above sea level), Rocky valley
  • Cottage near Popradské lake (1,500 m above sea level), Mengusovská valley
  • Cottage Plesnivec (1 290 m above sea level), Valley of Seven Springs, Belan Tatras

Hike in the Low Tatras

The Low Tatras are a very popular tourist destination. The surrounding hills offer opportunities for more demanding hiking, which you can manage without special training. The highest and most famous peaks of this mountain range - Ďumbier (2043 m), Chopok (2024 m) and Kráľova hoľa (1948 m) are unique with their beautiful views of the mountains and valleys of Slovakia. The Low Tatras provide many opportunities for excursions. A hike to the Ďumbier hill, for example, is popular. The shortest route is the classic access route from the southern side of the Low Tatras. It is also a sidewalk to Štefánik's cottage, which serves as a mountain carrier for supplies. You will probably see this unique way of supplying yourself during your tour. Another popular hike leads to Kamenná chata. This third tallest tourist cottage in Slovakia is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, directly below Chopok. At Kamenná chata you can gather strength for further tourism, but also sleep or buy souvenirs. Low Tatras and hiking in the Low Tatras is characterized by its beautiful views, especially of the majestic peaks of the High Tatras.

Hike in the Slovak Paradise

The Slovak Paradise is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural areas in Slovakia. This mountain range in the Spiš area is characterized by rugged terrain. Its mountainous areas are protected by the Slovak Paradise National Park, which is one of the nine national parks in Slovakia. There are many canyons, gorges, gorges and valleys, but also waterfalls and caves. Slovak Paradise is a real paradise for tourists. Many sections of the routes are passable only by ladders, which complete the character of this area. Take a trip to the Slovak Paradise and get to know Slovak nature like never before.

Snowpark Lučivná

Skiing in winter

Snowpark Lučivná

In the village Lučivná there is a ski resort Snowpark Lučivná , which offers skiing for beginners and intermediate skiers on three slopes and four lifts . The resort offers a ski school for skiers and snowboarders. Snow tubing is available for non-skiers and several kilometers of groomed trails for cross-country skiers. There is also a restaurant and a ski rental on site. The requirements of more demanding skiers will certainly be satisfied by the ski resorts located in Lopušná Dolina, which is only 10 minutes away by car.

Guests staying at Hotel Lučivná have a 20% discount on the purchase of ski passes and ski equipment rental at Snowparku Lučivná.